About Us

MilStar Press is a small press devoted to Military Science Fiction, Space Opera and related genres. Our debut series, Accipiter War, is by tech startup veteran and former publisher, Patrick Seaman and his son Blake Seaman. We plan more to follow in the series and more!

In 1992 I published a proprietary productivity software package for writers called ‘Writer’s Desktop Database.’  It provided a searchable database of writers, editors and literary agents, their tastes and helped writers keep track of their submissions.  Later, we morphed the company into a small press, publishing the first audiobook on the Internet, Jim Cline’s epic science fiction title, ‘A Small Percentage’ in 42 full cast dramatized episodes.  It was, as far as we know, the first podcast fiction series on the Internet (before the term was invented).  We published the series on AudioNet.com / broadcast.com during my 5 years there with Mark Cuban.  After the Yahoo! merger, I exited and took Timberwolf Press into a new direction publishing contemporary genre fiction as well as best selling titles like Bill Baldwin’s ‘The Helmsman’ series, in full cast audiobooks that our customers could download online, or buy on MP3 CD’s with ebooks included (another first), as well as on traditional compact disk and cassette tape as well as on paperback and hardback. In addition, Patrick is a lifelong shooting enthusiast and former rifle and pistol instructor. 

Patrick Seaman
Blake Seaman
Blake Seaman is an Information Technology executive, author, and classical composer. His music is available on all major streaming platforms. He is a proud resident of the State of Texas, where he celebrated the birth of his first child with his wife 6 months before the publication of this book; he dedicates his work on this project to them, and hopes to raise part of a new generation of Science Fiction fans. Blake is also an avid sports shooter and Tea aficionado.