Heroes and Villains of the Accipiter War: Illustrated (SIGNED COPY)




Step into the captivating universe of the Accipiter War science fiction book series. Within the pages of this book, you’ll find a treasure trove of character dossiers and concept art, providing a glimpse into the minds of co-authors Patrick and Blake Seaman. This compilation offers just a taste of the vast story bible and extensive research that form the foundation of our ongoing series.

While we’re excited to share these captivating visuals and character descriptions with you, we’ve taken care not to reveal too much. Our aim is to provide a tantalizing glimpse into the lives of the characters we hold dear without giving away all the surprises that await you in our thrilling narrative.

These dossiers are a version of what we pinned to our writer’s wall, reminding us daily of the complexities and passions that define the characters we have created – and who we care greatly about. We are thrilled to share this window into their worlds, as it is their journeys that drive the heart of our narrative.

As you immerse yourself in these images and backgrounds, we hope they will ignite your imagination and kindle your curiosity about the unfolding Accipiter War saga. Please join us and our cast of characters as we embark upon a story of survival, love, politics, morality, and what promises to be a generational war against an ancient and vast empire that spans the entire galaxy.

Your journey begins here, and we can’t wait to join you in this epic tale.